Choose Music Together

PartyOn lets users directly control music on car rides, camping trips, bars, barbecues, or anywhere else from their smartphone or tablet web browser.
For Free.

Host a Party

Connect a phone to speakers and open the app.

Guests Join

Guests can control the music with the app or by going to
No need to log in!


Everyone at the party can add tracks and vote on the songs they want to hear!

Party Features

Host parties anywhere

PartyOn is designed to work with any speakers, anywhere. In your car, at your barbecue, or at your pregame.

Seamless experience

PartyOn is designed to work without hassle. Guests don't have to download or login to anything at all. Just go to and they're automatically dropped into the party!

Use your favorite music service

PartyOn is designed to work with your favorite music service. Use your existing playlists to get the party started and let your guests take over from there!

Discover music with friends

PartyOn is the perfect way to share music with friends. Instead of ignoring your friend and always forgetting to "check out this band," you can pump your new tunes together at the party!